A Brief Tale Of Seafood and Consumption In Various Countries

Seafood is the major key ingredient of maintaining good health in today's world. Every country desires seafood in different ways, and every cuisine enjoys a unique touch of taste it brings to its seafood present on the menu. Here are few such examples describing which seafood is famous in which country and which seafood is the best in respective cuisines:

1. Finland

Ice fishing in Finland is very famous due to its colder conditions. Whitefish, arctic char, and herring are the special fish breeds in Finland's cuisine. The total consumption of fish by a single person is 81 lbs per year.

2. Norway

It's a surprise to know that lake fish and sea fish are consumed more in this country with Vikings ancestry whereas salmon, pickled herring, and mackerel are best seafood dishes in its cuisine. The total fish consumption by a single person in Norway is 112 lbs per year.

3. Italy

Italian cuisine is one of the most widespread cuisines of the world and includes delicious delicacies like pizza and pasta. In the seafood section; crabs, lobsters, and fishes like baccala and tuna are very famous. The annual consumption of fish by a single person in Italy is 63 lbs.

4. South Korea

The South Korean cuisine consists of vegetables, rice, and meat. Seafood is also consumed largely in South Korea and oysters, hogs, and shrimps are mainly consumed. The average fish consumption in South Korea is 133lbs.

5. Spain

Spain is the biggest seafood supplier of Europe and is also known as the big fish gourmet. Paella, Tuna, Salmon, Anchovy Sardine are the specialties of Spanish seafood and around 96 lbs of fish is consumed yearly in Spain by a single person.

6. Maldives

Maldives is the biggest consumer of fish in this whole world with the average consumption of 308.4 lbs of fish per year. The most famous seafood in Maldives is Skipjack Tuna and Mackerel.

7. Iceland

Iceland cuisine, made up of vegetables, fish, and meat, serves around 197 lbs of seafood to a single person annually. The most famous fish in Ice Land is traditional herring whereas the consumption of shrimp, plaice, and haddock in the country is very noticeable.

8. Japan

Forgot sushi? I guess not. This traditional seafood dish of Japan is served with rice and spices and is probably the most heard seafood dish in the world. Japan is the 6th largest consumer of seafood in the world with the average consumption of 154.5 lbs of seafood annually.